Digital Marketing Resources

Planners and Worksheets

SEO Worksheet

Organize all your SEO work into one sheet to make it easily manageable. We have prepared a worksheet for small websites and webmasters who like to do SEO on their own. This is by no means a comprehensive worksheet, it provides just a starting point. 

PPC Worksheet

Get this Pay Per Click worksheet and organize your PPC campaigns. Manage your campaigns more efficiently with pre-planning. This is good enough for small campaigns, contact us if you have a lot of campaigns or a very large campaign to manage.

Social Media Worksheet

This sheet helps you in planning and keeping track of all your social media activity. Keep an eye on your posts, followers and engagement. Add your own channels by just copying patterns in this sheet. If you need a more comprehensive sheet, please contact us.

Display Ads Worksheet

Display ads is huge and complex. But you can start planning your display advertising with this sheet. Just note down what you want to do and find the necessary information.You can share this media plan with your digital agency to explain what you need.


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