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Pay per click management

Lead generation and conversions with text ads

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC Ads)

Often referred to as SEM, the pay-per-click marketing is one of the most popular and reliable method of generating traffic to a website. Now dominated by Google and Facebook, PPC has been in existence for the past 18 years and is a bridge between display adverting and performance advertising.

Pay-per-click advertising is the best choice if you are looking for any of the below

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Phone Calls
  • Subscribers
  • Downloads
  • Installs
  • Share Content
  • Button Clicks
  • Engagement

PPC has several advantages over other forms of marketing:

  1. Its fast to start and get results immediately.
  2. Low entry barriers and highly effective
  3. Highly reliable data and performance metrics
  4. Full control over advertising campaigns.
  5. Pay only when someone clicks and results in a visit
  6. Precise targeting options

PPC is the most useful marketing method to test new concepts, products and markets. With full control over campaigns, budgets and targeting, it is easy to create multiple ad groups or campaigns targeting different audiences at once and compare results. This process looks costly at first glance, but it is useful to find our target audiences immediately.

Keyword Research

Keywords themselves provide lots of data about search patterns across geos and time periods. It is obviously the primary thing one has to do when launching a PPC campaign.

Competitor Analysis

its not only the product/ service that the average consumers look at, they also look at the company behind those products and more likely to do a product comparison.

Bid Management

Automated bidding strategies require ample budgets and initial conversion data and are sometimes ineffective. We provide expert bidding strategies and bid management.

Tracking & Analytics

Reporting may be straight forward, but formatting data to highlight important portions and calculations for managerial decision making process is certainly a task that requires expertise.

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Our PPC Expertise includes

PPC ads - copy writing - text ads writing
Ad Copy & Creatives

We will research and create highly effective text ads and image ads that deliver the right message to users and grab their attention.

landing page design and funnels
Landing Page & Funnels

We will create the whole funnel with well designed landing pages with tracking implemented for all important events.

PPC ads split A/B testing
A / B Testing

No PPC campaign is perfect or final; there is always a room for improvement. We will implement A/B testing for several factors.

PPC ads campaign management by google certified experts
Campaign Management

We offer complete management solutions for large scale PPC campaigns. We have highly qualified and certified campaign managers to take care of big PPC accounts.

ppc lead generation and conversion rate optimization
Conversion Optimization

A lot of thinking and analysis goes into conversion rate optimization. If it works, even a slight increase in CR can result in lot of improvement in revenues. But CRO need to be carried out based on solid data rather than guesswork.

PPC remarketing and retargeting

We can implement re-targeting and re-marketing strategies to gain from missed opportunities. We can track your customers across several platforms as they surf through the internet.

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for PPC budgets upto $15K/month
Full Campaign Management
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$ 799+ /Month

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