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Display Advertising - Mobile and Video Ads

Display advertising is paid method of promoting products and services using visual marketing aids such as static web banners, static mobile banners, interactive rich-media banners, videos and pod casts. Some formats allow these visual elements to be combined with text to form native ads. Display advertising has very high levels of engagement and brand recognition capabilities and is widely used by companies that need to establish themselves with their target customers.

Advantages of Display Advertising are:

  • Supports images, audio and videos in ads
  • Has more opportunity for creativity
  • Wide variety of formats in flexible sizes
  • Different pricing models, CPA, CPC, CPM, CPV etc
  • Large scale inventory availability
  • Higher engagement levels when compared to text ads

Display and video advertising are huge both in scope and variety, offering a lot of freedom and creativity in both strategy and execution. Unlike PPC campaigns which need to be carried out through PPC platforms and by meeting stricter guidelines, terms for display and video advertisements can often be negotiated with publishers. The digital advertising eco system has several players, each having their own policies and terms of service agreements. The more services you subscribe to, the more policies you need to adhere to. In a direct advertiser to publisher relation, the amount of compliance requirement is low; transparency is high and terms are often negotiable.

Mobile Ad Formats

We work with several mobile ad formats such as banners, interstitial, rich media, playable ads, video and native.

Video Advertising

Mobile video (in-banner and in-stream) is one of the fastest growing ad format with high engagement rates.

Image Ads

Image ad formats can be used with many platforms and publishers to get the attention of your customers.

Open RTB

We are connected to several programmatic ad exchanges to get you the best available inventory to display your ads.

reach broader audiences across several geos with ease

Want to tell your brand story using visual formats?

What we do for you

Display Ads Media Planning
Media Planning

This part of the strategy outlines the exact web properties where the creative materials will be deployed for each format and type.

audience targeting and reach with banner ads
Audience Research

Defining, finding and reaching your audience across the internet, requires a lot of attention before we start any marketing activity.

openrtb programmatic media buying
Programmatic Media Buying

We have access to a huge inventory via several programmatic ad exchanges to reach audiences at scale.

direct media buying - display ads
Direct Buys and Deals

We have several direct publishers to negotiate direct deals to display your ads on their websites. We can select the most suitable placements to match your brand requirements.

branding and brand lift campaigns
Brand Lift

Display advertising is necessary activity for any marketing campaign that is aimed at improving brand's visibility. It helps in all other forms of advertising.

display ad fraud detection and prevention
Fraud Detection & Prevention

Display advertising has some shady practices resulting in higher expenses for advertisers. We prevent such activities and keep things transparent.

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Free Strategy Report
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$ 199.00 /Month

For Media Spends Upto $5K
Full Campaign Management
Weekly Reviews


$ 499.00 /Month

For Media Spends Upto $15K
Full Campaign Management
Creative Designing
Daily Reviews
24x7 Support


$ 899+ /Month

For Media Spends More Than $15K
Dedicated Campaign Manager
Creative Designing
Daily Reviews
24x7 Support

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