Digital Marketing Strategy

SaaS Product Marketing – Digital Strategy – Part 1

In this article we will examine how SaaS product marketing is different from regular digital marketing for a corporate website or a physical product. Some product developers think that their product is so unique and is serving a less-competitive niche market and it sells for itself. That’s an interesting point, except for the fact that it doesn’t take much time for the competition to create similar products and get into your small protected niche where you are the undisputed leader. Your product is no longer unique nor enjoys a monopoly over that small niche anymore. Another common pitfall is that a developer knows about his product so well, but his customers need some documentation and tutorials understand the product. Even if the product is highly intuitive with a well researched user interface, a SaaS product still needs to have sufficient documentation, case studies and how-to tutorials. And this makes digital marketing an inevitable part of promoting a SaaS product.